Choose a simple, fluid and evolutive tasting tool

Notre Solution

Sensiel® is an innovation borne out of Vivelys sensory and winemaking expertise :

  • A simple and user-friendly interface for tasters and administrators
  • A web platform for nomadic uses anywhere
  • Provides results & exhaustive and extensive tests
  • Simplified diagnostic and training for tasters
  • An unlimited number of samples and tasters


Sensory tests offered within the range Sensiel® can be answering to different uses : triangle, profile, Map Profile(or Napping ©), Profile Pivot ©, Qualitative Profile, CATA Profile,…).

There is also a quick access to the performance of tasters and their training evaluation.

The configuration of tasting sessions can be done either anticipated or last minute. Data entry, depending on the type of tasting, can be done in smartphones, tablets, or laptop / desk PCs.

This solution aims to be versatile and does not require additional investment in equipment.

A simple internet connection is required.


Sensiel® is a mobile solution : the tasting can be conducted in a winery, in the vineyard, during a wine fair, in two different places, nothing changes.

When you have Internet connection, your notes are directly saved on your account, and then you can process data as you wish (unlimited in number of samples, tasters).

You can access your account and the results of your tastings from anywhere in the world.