Exploit your professional tastings

Structure 1

This solution was designed to meet the requirements of the sector of alcoholic drinks (wine, sparkling, spirits, beer, cider).

It addresses at the same time winemakers, cellar masters, brewers, agronomists, and buyers, but also marketing, sales and R&D departments.

The information obtained will contribute to strengthen your strategy and to follow the elaboration of your product. 



  • What products do consumers appreciate the most in my category?
  • What do my consumers prefer between 2 possible new products?
  • How is my product positioned against the competition?
  • What arguments should I put forward to describe my product?



  • What sensory characteristics should I achieve?
  • How to qualify my purchases of products or raw materials?
  • How to evaluate my product during the production process? At the end of campaign? In my stocks? In outlets?
  • How to select the most interesting products from the blending point of view?



  • What product(s) profile(s) should I use to launch a new brand?
  • How to estimate the impact of a new process or supplier on my product?



  • How to save and find my tasting notes easily?
  • How to transfer this information in an understandable way?
  • How to involve all the company’s departments in the description of the product?