Taste, visualize, follow and share the sensory profiles of your wines

Structure 1
  • Visualize and make communications easier :
    • Map wine profiles
    • Share and communicate easily
    • Guide your groupe of tasters
  • Compare and follow profiles :
    • Place your wines against your competitors
    • Step by step, assess your wines and stocks
    • Simplify your selections for purchasing and blending


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Because tasting is key in decision making, whether you taste alone or in a group, the Sensiel® range guarantees collection, exploitation and valuation of your tasting information according to your needs.

Sensiel® is a unique sensory software dedicated to wines & spirits

It addresses at the same time winemakers, cellar masters, brewers, agronomists, buyers, but also marketing, sales and R&D departments.


Sensiel® offers a clear overview of your wine profiles, with their personalized descriptors. This representation embodies your wines, it facilitates your internal communications and tasting with your clients.


Guide your tasters, improve their performance and simplify your tasting activities.

With just one click, centralize and share your wine notes and tasting reports.


Profile maps provided by Sensiel® facilitate an overview of your wines as compared to competitors. You identify precisely the wine profiles to be achieved, to be more competitive and affirm your own style.


You can follow the organoleptic evolution of each lot, one step at a time, along each stage of the winemaking process.


The evaluation of your wine blends, your wine purchases and new winemaking recipes is easy and simple to implement. Similarly, tasting in shops after sales is made easy and Sensiel® facilitates a follow-up at a time closest to consumer purchase.