About us

Since 1993, Vivelys offers innovative solutions and a know-how to help actors of the wine and spirits sector in the design of their wines. Member of the Oeneo Group (Seguin-Moreau, Diam Bouchage, Piedade), Vivelys widely uses the sensory evaluation either to validate an important number of internal R&D tests or to show the impact of a particular solution or process on the product profile.


Since 1989, the company ABT Informatique (Tastel) offers tools and advice to better understand and master all the stages of product development and control. Specialized in sensory metrology, and involved in teaching and in research, the company addresses various sectors such as the milk, the biscuits, the ingredients, the wines and the spirits, and the cosmetic sector.


Since 2017, both companies decided to combine their respective skills to serve the actors of the wine and spirits sector.

Sensiel® is a solution adapted to the tasting specificities of the sector thanks to the vast experience of Vivelys, and to the sensory experience and statistical robustness of ABT Informatique.


Sensiel® was born as a way to exploit an essential information ("Sensiel") in the description of a product and in its evaluation during the elaboration process.

Using our senses ("Sensiel"), through a sensory methodology, remains essential to evaluate a product that will also be appreciated with the same senses by the target consumers.